Monday, September 30, 2013

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the signing of Florida Cross-over Rock Band Sunshine & Bullets.

Sunshine & Bullets is an American rock band based out of Florida. Since their formation in 2010, the trio has performed well over 400 concerts. S&B self released their debut full length studio album Fight for Andromeda in 2011, two EPs followed, Ignition in 2012 and Combustion 2013 Their single "Feel Good" (Ignition EP) won Song of the Year on the Rock Solid Pressure show for 2012, they were also voted best "hot" up and coming band in SPOT Magazine in 2012, and in 2013 Bubba from the Bubba the Love Sponge® Show, a nationally syndicated show on FM radio, the number-one ranking across a whopping 11 demographics in Terrestrial radio, reviewed 2 of their songs ("...go" and "Heartbeat") and said live on the air: “I find your band one of the most brilliant bands I’ve heard in 28 years of radio.”

The Early Years (2010) 
The band got their start when Amanda Hamers (bass and vocals) persuaded Kyle Wolfram (drums) to have Rich Keane (guitar and vocals) audition for a new unnamed project they were working on. Hamers had worked with Wolfram in a band without a guitarist, and she had also worked in a band with Keane that had trouble keeping a drummer, so it was obvious to her that she should try to piece them together. After a full night of improvising new music, they were convinced that they had good musical chemistry together. They have had no lineup changes since their formation.

After writing half an album's worth of music, they felt the pressure to come up with a name. 4000 potential names later, they settled on Breakfield, only to discover that it was already taken. One night, Keane randomly called out "Bullets and Sunshine" to Hamers and she approved. Wolfram suggested they switch it to "Sunshine & Bullets" and they all agreed.

Fight for Andromeda (2011)
The early music by Sunshine & Bullets was pop-rock influenced with a "groovy, feel-good" type of sound. They were playing what they thought their fans wanted to hear--and with good feedback along the way. They enjoyed what they were doing, but they felt that something was missing. Their first release, Fight for Andromeda, was named after the Andromeda galaxy and represented the internal and external struggles that they faced as a new band.

Ignition and Combustion (2012-2013)
The 2 EPs that followed were experiments in sounds, structure, and other elements of music. They were challenged by one haunting question, "What are you doing differently than every other active rock band?" In an effort to answer this question and to remain true to themselves and their fans, they felt it was necessary scrap everything and start over. They stripped all their preconceived notions of what music should be, and came out with a fresh sense of what they felt was most true. The 2 EPs Ignition and Combustion were based on this new sense of experimentation. Their first release for Melodic Revolution Records will be a concept album to be released in 2014

In a statement from the band:
We are excited to begin working with Melodic Revolution Records! Here is where the real work starts, and our sleeves are already rolled up and elbow deep in writing the new album to be released with MRR in early 2014. We want all of our fans, friends, family and colleagues to know that we couldn't have gotten this far without you, and hope that you'll stay with us for the new chapter ahead!

In a statement from Melodic Revolution Records;
Sunshine & Bullets are one of the hardest working bands that we have seen and heard in the Central Florida music scene; this band has refused to sit around waiting for something to happen. They are truly professional in all that they do, they like us at MRR believe in showing support for other struggling and up and coming bands by going to their shows, sharing links and stories of other bands with their friends and fans. So it is with great pleasure that I announce that we have decided to sign this very talented up and coming band known as Sunshine & Bullets to MRR.

Sunshine & Bullets is:
Amanda Hammers: Bass, Low Frequency Alterations, Sound Generator
Rich Keane: Guitars, Atmospheric Creator, Ambiance Controller
Kyle Wolfram – Drums, Percussions, Movement Source

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