Friday, May 17, 2013

DDRIVE Go Psycho With New Recording

DDRIVE have been busy since the new release Critical Mass a few weeks ago and a massive summer tour underway, DDrive have also just finished recording the song Psycho Circus by KISS for the upcoming album “KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album - A World With Heroes” Psycho Circus is now being mixed and mastered by Steve Majors in Toronto. DDrive will be one of the many great bands featured on the new charity album. For more information about this project go to:

In other DDrive news, the band are continuing writing material for the next full length album. Four songs are in the can and ready to record, Six more to go! This time DDrive have decided to record their upcoming as yet untitled album live in a studio for a more natural live sound. According to Don Mancuso, “Looking forward to that live Chemistry. It's a wonderful thing!!”
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