Saturday, April 6, 2013

Uprising Now Avaialable at Melodic Revolution

We are happy to announce that we are now working with Instrumental Guitarist Mark Claytor by selling his music through our mail order store Melodic Revolution Distribution. Mark is Longton, Kansas and has just released his CD Uprising. Mark started playing back in 1988 when guitar playing was king. Loved all the "Shred" players of that era, my Dad introduced me to the "Blues" and I gained a appreciation for the greats of that genre too. I have many influences and they have all shaped me as a player. love recording and studio work and creating my original music. Feb. 29th 2012 Sumthinfierce records and I released my debut cd and the response has been great! My follow up cd "Uprising" is available for pre order now and will be released 3/10/2013 I am a Fuchs audio technology, George L's, Vengeance guitars, Rick Hanes Guitars, Spawn guitars, ModTone Effects and Sinister guitar picks endorser. Also use Zion guitars, BBE and Digitech effects .

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