Thursday, October 4, 2012

Red Apple by ifsounds due out November 7th 2012

We are proud to unveil album art and info for the upcoming release Red Apple by ifsounds due out November 7th 2012

1. Another dawn
2. Red Apple
3. Web Tube Stars
4. Messages from the Stars

5. After
6. They’re almost here
7. New World Order
8. Red Sun Tonight
9. Space Refugees
10. The Crossing
11. Christmas 2012

1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 11 Written by Dario Lastella.
4, 5 written by Claudio Lapenna and Dario Lastella.
7 written by Enzo Bellocchio, Francesco Bussoli, Claudio Lapenna and Dario Lastella.
9 written by Dario Lastella and Enzo Bellocchio.
10 written by Claudio Lapenna.

Arranged and performed by ifsounds.
Mixed and produced by Dario Lastella.
Mastered by Steve Kitsch (
Cover art by Andrea Pinti.

Enzo Bellocchio – drums.
Federica Berchicci – lead vocals.
Francesco Bussoli – bass guitar.
Claudio Lapenna – electric and acoustic piano, keyboards, organ, synth, lead and backing vocals.
Dario Lastella – guitars, keyboards, synth, sequencers, bass guitar, ukulele, backing vocals.

Andrea Garrison – radio host.
Roberto Canone – flute and saxophone on “After”.
Nick Katona – as the President Nicholas Wakeman.
David Slater – as the TV anchorman.
Carmen Vera and Sun Foradada – backing vocals on “Christmas 2012”.

Special thanks to Augusto Chiarle (from The Wimshurst’s Machine) and to Corrado Rossi for the nice help.

The album “Red Apple” is inspired to the novel “Mela Rossa” written by Dario Lastella.

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