Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10th Anniversary Rock Solid Pressure Show Industry Showcase 2012

It’s really great to be back and get into the swing of things after spending two days of madness, mayhem and music at the 10th Anniversary Rock Solid Pressure Show Industry Showcase at the State Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida on September 29th and 30th 2012. Jennifer and I would like to extend our love, thanks and gratitude to J-Rock and Patty Baccielo for having Melodic Revolution Records back as a panelist for a second year in a row. It is great to see people like J-Rock and Patty that that still care about and show their support for the arts and musicians.

It was also wonderful to see some familiar panelist like Entertainment Lawyer Quinton Sheer (we made ESCAPE TONIGHT look good as back up lanterners, exit stage left). Russell Fama & Rick Herbert from Super Sidekick Management & Production (sing it again will you), Lisa V. Pavy, Brian M. Colando of Spot Magazine (the world’s best music magazine), Chris Kurtz of the Media Twist Group (Keep them Bands Rolling Down the Highway) Tom Brooks of Full Wave Sound (sounds good to me) and Kathleen Holstead of Venomm Records ( Hope you get better soon). 

A very special thanks to the State Theater its staff sound, lighting and stage production team and anyone else that was part of this great event, and last but not least to all the bands that performed. We were honored to meet many of you that approached us for advice and encouragement and for the many press kits we will be reviewing for some time and of course to the many new friends we made.

I also look forward to turning on many new listeners to your music and even doing live interviews with you on my radio shows on AiiRadio.net. On a final note; keep creating music, hone your craft and the best of luck to each and every one of you. The future is bright for those of you that are fighters and are willing to put in the time. We look forward to getting to know many of you on a much more personal level.

Nick & Jennifer Katona
Melodic Revolution Records

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