Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Evolution is Progress

For many years we at Melodic Revolution have been working hard at promoting all styles of music from around the globe. Our number one goal is to bring fans of music and bands together. Until now we have had an Amazon Store a Power of Prog Store and a Melodic Revolution Records Store.

To avoid confusion between the artists signed MRR and artists that we help via our distribution we have set up a new store called Melodic Revolution Music Distribution. It looks and operates no different than our current Mhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifRR Store. The only thing one may notice is a slight alteration of the banner.

We will be moving all releases that we sell that are not related to the label as time permits. This should help reduce the confusion of who is signed to MRR, while still promoting and selling great independent music. For ease of shopping you will still go thru our catalog and click on the artist and album to direct you to the item to purchase.

We thank you for supporting and purchasing quality independent music.
Nick Katona
CEO Melodic Revolution Records

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