Monday, February 6, 2012

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the signing of Oceans of Time

"Oceans of Time" is a Progressive Metal Band from Norway. "Oceans of Time" was formed in 2005 by Guitarist Lazz Jensen. According to Lazz the band played a lot of gigs between 2005 -2008 which helped them establish themselves as one of the premier local bands this also helped them nurture and grow a faithful fan base between. "Oceans of Time" not only built a reputation for their solid sound and showmanship, but also opened doors for them to share the stage with bands like Glenn Huges, Masterplan, Satyricon, and many others.

In 2009 "Oceans of Time" took a break from touring to concentrate on writing and recording their debut album which would later become the album known as "FACES". Better than two years in the making the fruits of their labor, has paid off. The debut album "FACES" was finished in late 2011 and boast 10 originals new tracks and clocks in at 55 minutes.

"FACES" was recorded at Oceans Studios and was mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. (Tommy also has worked with the bands Halloween, Jorn, etc.) Faces will be released February 7th 2012.

Track Listing:
Quest for Mystery - Walls of Silence - The Beast - Faces - Kingdom Falls - A touch of Insanity - Roar of Organs - Uncertainty - Panic - You’re so Cold.

The song Uncertainty features Anne Lene Ullerud & Marie Ekeberg on vocals

Oceans of Time is:
Ken Lyngfoss, Vocals
Lasse “Lazz” Jensen, Guitar
Nickolas Main Henriksen, Synth
Geir Nilsen, Bass
Baard Kolstad, Drums

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toto.grinden said...

I cant wait to hear more of this band! Its really good music! Best regard from Torill - Norway