Thursday, December 15, 2011

Melodic Revolution Records is pleased to announce the signing of the symphonic rock band Aethellis for their new release Northumbria.

Northumbria is the bands 2nd release and follows up to the critically acclaimed self titled release Aethellis.

Aethellis has the soaring majesty of classic symphonic rock and incorporates a contemporary rhythmic feel along with asymmetrical meters and polytriad harmonies and catchy hooks! The first Aethellis album was spearheaded and recorded in 2002/2003 by classically trained keyboardist, vocalist and guitarist Ellsworth Hall and has many influences including rock, classical, synth pop, funk, jazz.

Northumbria is now available through CDBaby and will be available as a digital release through MRR on December 20th with a physical release for distribution and sales worldwide due in early 2012.

Northumbria Track Listing:

01. Northumbria
02. The Awakening
03. Dire Need
04. The Penal Colony
05. Without A Sound
06. Celui Qui
07. Exchanger Prague
08. The Peace Path
09. Sounds Good

Aethellis is:

Ellsworth (keyboards / vocals / guitar) along with Mark Van Natta (guitars / vocals), Erik Marks (bass), Chris Marks (guitar), Joseph Dwyer (sax) and Mike Harrington (drums).

For more information about Aethellis:

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