Thursday, July 7, 2011

Melodic Revolution Records is excited to announce the release of Lighthouse by John Orr Franklin

A Beacon of New Music!

What’s this? A brand new album release! Where is Soldier On, the new album with the latest single Alpha and Omega? Surprise! We present you with an entirely different album to dive into and enjoy while you wait for the colossal Soldier On release!

According To John, It’s been a bit of a race, both of the two projects have been in the works for nearly two years now. He’s gone back and forth a few times as to which one. John thought Soldier On would actually be completed first and alas, it looks as though Lighthouse has come to the finish line first. For those of you that were expecting the Soldier On release, it’s still on target for release this November if all goes accordingly. The latest hitch to the Soldier On album getting completed is a failing hard drive in the recording studio. Hopefully this will not set things back too much. All will be resolved soon and production will continue! Now, on with the details of the new album that we find here in front of us, Lighthouse! The time is truly right for the release of this album and it seems to me to be an excellent follow-up to the last album Transformation

Lighthouse is not so much a concept album as it is an album with a collection of songs that share a common theme. It’s an album about finding the light, searching for personal truth and the choices that we all face along the way on this journey of life. There is always a choice to be made that determines the direction we will take our life in and this album is about listening and searching out the signs and guides that can help us along the way. If we stop long enough and quiet our minds, we will hear the answers, see the beacons and feel the directional pull within our hearts that will allow us to find our personal truth and way. The guides are all around us, in the people we know, within nature itself as well as deep within our own hearts. Each of us has a personal truth that is unique. Only you can know when you have found the way that is right for you. Love and life are a tidal flow. All we can do is dive in and see where it takes us.

Full Track Listing:
01. Love Light Alive
02. Deep Inside
03. Energy
04. Infinity
05. Hypnotized
06. Adrift
07. Lighthouse
08. The Choice
09. A Different Path
10. Shine
11. Mountains

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