Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Melodic Revolution Records Sign New York progressive rock act Unified Past

New York progressive rock act Unified Past has signed with label Melodic Revolution Records. Their new CD, “Observations”, is scheduled for a mid July release. The band and label are a perfect fit for each other and both parties are excited about the upcoming Unified Past release.
“Observations” is an 11 song recording which finds the band continuing to explore new sounds within the progressive rock genre. For this release, Speelman and Tassone focused on the songs from the perspective of a singer songwriter as opposed to the approach they usually use which focuses on the music first. Therefor, this new recording is modeled after progressive artists such as Peter Gabriel, Adrian Belew, Todd Rundgren, and David Gilmour. As on “Tense”, former keyboardist Vinny Krivacsy lends support on four of the songs and co wrote two of them.
Please visit the band website and visit Melodic Revolution Records for more information.

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