Friday, June 10, 2011

Melodic Revolution Records is excited to announce the signing of Capricia

Melodic Revolution Records is excited to announce the signing of Israeli theatrical metal act “CAPRICIA” for the debut release of “Fooled by the Hush” a double CD: The First CD (“Fooled by the Hush”) contains 5 songs.

Track listing is as follows 1. Recline in the Fire 2. Before the Storm Arrives 3. Melodic Scream 4. Chaotic 5. Something's Wrong. Disc 2 is a bonus disc called “24” with its own artwork

- a 24 minute concept piece (comprised of 5 parts), which is about 24 hours in a person’s life, each minute representing an hour in a day of his life. This complex and lengthy project took the band almost a year to write and rehearse.
“Fooled by the Hush/24” will be released in July 2011 following the release of the album Capricia are planning to perform both in Israel and abroad, and give more fans the opportunity to hear their music, and will begin the work on their next project.

Naama Waisel - Vocals, Eden Bahar – Drums, Mihael Galperin – Bass, Doron Frankenberg – Keyboards, Arnold Nesis – Guitars, Mickey Zaltzman – Guitars

Naama Waisel is the former lead female vocalist of Capricia and can be heard on this release.

Various members of Capricia also collaborate with other artists from classical, metal and jazz musicians from Israel and abroad such as Vidi Dolev, Shelly Sheaffer, Aviv Haradi, Mexican singer Malinaly Reyes (Fractalia), Mexican singer Isadora Cortina, along with others.

For more information about the band please visit the following links:
Official Website:
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