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Industry Call To Arms! The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase 2011

The nationally syndicated FM / Internet broadcast 'Rock Solid Pressure' featuring the high profile DJ team of J-Rock and Patty The Radio Girl, are currently gearing up for the 2011 'Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase'. The event will be held Saturday September 24th. There will also be a VIP Pre-Party on Friday night September 23rd. For those of you that attend religiously every year, expect another knockout weekend on the Tampa Bay gulf. This is the rallying cry for all labels, media, and industry insiders to gear up for the annual trek to the Sunshine State.

J-Rock and Patty plan to blow away the music industry once again, and you're all invited. You'll witness 20 of the best unsigned bands in Florida perform for an all day concert event for the music industry. And this is seriously the 'best' bands in the state. You're not going to see lackluster reality TV contestants. You're going to be blown away by innovative new bands who have been honing their craft on national stages throughout Florida. A lot of these bands have already been on national tours as well. This will be the 9th year for the Showcase, and once again, it will be held at the biggest and best national concert venue on the gulf 'The State Theatre' in St. Petersburg. Tickets are now on sale for this amazing weekend. Please be advised, the Showcase is always a sold out event. Please book your flights, hotel rooms, and get those tix NOW!!

The Showcase is always praised by the media as being a totally unique experience. Many have stated it's the best Industry Showcase in North America. It's all about music and serious networking for the entire weekend, and it's always a monumental event. There is a stellar lineup of panelists this year as well. They will critique, advise, and possibly sign these amazing unsigned bands, who in their own right, are on the cusp of becoming the next household name. This event has become one of the most talked about Showcases in the country. The annual anticipation is reaching a fever pitch right now. Don't wait another year, make sure you witness the eye-popping event in all it's raging glory!!

A professional film crew will be shooting the event for a documentary on the music industry. This DVD will also make the rounds to many of the record labels and high level media that could not make it this year. Shopping the film is another unique phase to the event. The Rock Solid Pressure radio broadcast has always had an uncanny knack for discovering the best unsigned bands in the nation and moving their career forward. The show's track record for getting bands signed is amazing, and the annual Showcase is the extension of the broadcast on the concert stage.

The 20 best unsigned Indie/Rock/Metal bands will be offered up for the industry in another slam bang weekend. The Showcase also gives the general public a peek inside the recording industry. This is how it's 'really' done for unsigned bands to attract label attention. Forget all that 'Music Reality TV' brainwashing. The public will also hear from the panelists after every performance, but it's best to be in attendance when the Showcase begins at 1:00pm on Saturday. The opening ceremonies is where you will meet the panelists and hear about what they do in the industry.

The Rock Solid Pressure Show exploded onto the scene in a small Connecticut radio station in 2002. It originated as a revolt to the fluffy 'reality music' TV shows, namely 'American Idol'. The broadcast quickly became an underground hit. Live Showcases for Sony Records quickly followed. The multi sponsored show moved to Florida and now commands an immense following through FM and internet syndication. The Showcase has also grown in scope over the years. It is no longer an exclusive event for members of the Sony Records A&R team. Many new labels and industry insiders have jumped on the panels throughout the years. And word of mouth has forged a dynasty for the unsigned music community with this annual franchise event.

The 'Rock Solid Pressure' radio show is also known for featuring the best A-List Superstar guests. J-Rock and Patty are continually re-inventing the airwaves. They also feature a playlist chock full of the best signed, and unsigned bands from the past 4 decades to the present. The Rock Solid Pressure Show, which broadcast's from a dungeon no less, is also sprinkled with witty, dark mayhem, along with the top industry news of the week. J-Rock and Patty can also be seen hosting national concert events and festivals on the Tampa Bay gulf. Their name is also a staple on the music scene worldwide. They are also instrumental in organizing some of the biggest Indie/Rock/Metal events at The State Theatre and their Sister venue 'The Local 662', which is located directly across the street. They didn't get the moniker as being 'The Hardest Working DJ's In Radio' for nothing. The Rock Solid Pressure Show is now anticipating a leap to network TV. They completed a pilot episode last year, and just received the green light to push ahead with more episodes.

J-Rock and Patty The Radio Girl have been in the music scene individually for over 25 years. J-Rock is a well known touring musician who hails from New Jersey. He's shared stages with some of the biggest bands in the world. His 8 albums have charted internationally with bands such as 'ROCKCHAMBER' 'THE LOVE ZOMBIES' 'ORGANIC BRAIN SYNDROME'. He also became a favorite of the press, and the CMJ charts, with his two solo outings. His solo albums were a departure from his Hard Rock/Metal stylings which he built his name on in the North East. J-Rock still pops up in high level Supergroups from time to time, and there is an explosive new J-Rock project in the works for 2012. He is also a former rock journalist, and presently, an A&R consultant for many record labels, and the personal events coordinator for the owner of The State Theatre. Patty The Radio Girl was a corporate radio host in Connecticut, and a TV personality in Greece. When the pair teamed up as the broadcast duo for Rock Solid Pressure, an enigma was born. They literally revolutionized radio with their fun, interactive show. The broadcast is now being shopped to FM markets around the country. Whatever the appeal, the popularity grows stronger every week, and the superstar guests keep coming in droves. Tune in Monday night and see why the show is a ratings juggernaut.

J-Rock is the mastermind behind the entire Rock Solid Pressure concept. His name is synonymous with the music industry at large. His method is finding the alternative to the pop sensations being bred on reality music TV and shattering that concept. And let's face it, the onslaught of the music reality TV shows this year are leaving a 'lot' to be desired. This is not how the industry works. These shows are actually hurting 'real' musicians and bands who have spent years crafting their talent. J-Rock understands the other side of a marketable industry that was set back by these reality shows. No performer is left out at the industry Showcase. There is no 'winner'. Every band will move their career forward at this event..Period! The Rock Solid Pressure Radio Competitions, which kick off on the first week of January every year, deal with screened bands who are ready for the next level. What the public, and the industry see at the Showcase every year are bands who are listener favorites of the radio competitions, and a few hand picked area favorites. Rock Solid Pressure is currently taking submissions for the 2012 Competitions.

Here is the official lineup for The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase 2011

Friday 9/23/11 THE PRE-PARTY: VIP guests and industry insiders are treated to a night of music and fun. The public is also invited. This event will be held at The Local 662, which is located directly across the street from The State Theater. Performing bands (In order of appearance) DEVIL MADE MICROPHONES, THE CHAOS AGENT, CONSINITY Plus more TBA

Doors will be at 6:00pm for this event. There will be a $8 cover charge. All ages welcome

This event will be held at The State Theater
1:00pm: OPENING CEREMONIES (Meet the panelists)

Performing bands in order of appearance:


Doors will open at noon. There will be a $12 cover charge. All ages welcome..

Special guests on the industry panel this year (so far) consist of..
*QUINTON SHEER: Representing A&R Guru KEN KRONGARD: Ken is one of the most well known A&R reps in the world. Quinton is a music industry insider. He's also an Entertainment Lawyer and the high profile radio host of 'Q's House'. He has launched many careers in the industry, as well as launching careers for bands at the Industry Showcase. Quinton has been with the Showcase since 2006

*MATT LaPLANT: Famed Producer from Beiler Brothers Records. Matt also has done projects for Atlantic, Roadrunner and more: Matt has become a huge force on the Showcase panel for the past 3 years. (Beiler Brothers has signed one act directly from the Showcase so far)

*JOE O' BRIEN: CEO of Rat Pak Records / Century Media Distribution: Joe has attended 3 RSP Industry Showcases so far (Rat Pak have presently signed 3 acts directly from the Showcase)

*CHRIS KURTZ: Chris is a leading worldwide booking agent. He is already helping bands that are associated with the 'Rock Solid Pressure' show by putting them on tour. He works directly with THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS, DRUMMER VS DJ, and lots more

*KATHLEEN HOLSTEAD: CEO of Venomm Records: This will be Venomm's 2nd year on the Showcase panel. They were very active last year at the Showcase. (Venomm have presently signed 3 acts directly from the 2010 Showcase)

*NICK KATONA: CEO of Melodic Revolution Records: Wow, this is an amazing startup label. They have signed DDRIVE which features LOU GRAMM and BILLY SHEEHAN. They also signed PHIL NARO from TALAS and CLASSIC ALBUMS LIVE fame. (Melodic Revolution has signed 3 acts that were featured in the Rock Solid Pressure Radio Competitions)

*SUPER SIDEKICK RECORDS: Every year we throw the spotlight on a local Tampa startup label. Last year it was Venomm, This year it's 'Super Sidekick'. They are already working closely with Rock Solid Pressure. They also have their own brand of BEER!! How cool is that?

*TOM BROOKS: FULL WAVE SOUND: Tom not only runs one of the best recording facilities on the gulf, but he's also a national booking agent. He did a great job on the panel last year, and once again, he'll be offering 2 bands of his choosing, 5 hours of recording time at Full Wave

*239 SPOT MAGAZINE: This will be the official magazine covering the 2011 Showcase. They're an all glossy print mag. Currently taking over SW Florida, but that's going to change. National distribution is in the works

*LOCALIZED MUSIC will be the official radio station covering the event. The Rock Solid Pressure Show is also carried on the Localized Music Network

As of this writing, more panelists are on the negotiating table. Perhaps 'you' feel your label or agency would be an asset to the panel this year. Get in touch ASAP! As longtime attendee's of this event know, tons of A&R reps from almost every label worth their salt usually come unannounced. Perhaps we'll be seeing you this year?


687 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL
*Tickets are on sale now

State Theatre is one of the biggest and best national venues on the Tampa Bay gulf. They feature national acts every night. It's a historic, immense concert hall. You'll also enjoy the 5 luxurious bars housed in the facility. State Theatre is located right in the heart of downtown St. Pete

The Fairfield Inn (A Marriott Hotel)
3211 Executive Dr.
Clearwater, FL
(727) 572-4400

BECOME A SPONSOR FOR THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE 2011: There's still time for your organization to become involved. Get your name out there in a 'big' way with this massive annual event. Join a winning team and get hooked up with one of the best Industry Showcase franchises in the country. Rock Solid Pressure has the sponsorship package to suit your needs.

Listen to the Rock Solid Pressure Show every Monday night at 7:00pm (EST) on these fine stations

FM Radio Dial
WRBC 91.5 FM (Maine)
THE ROCKET 104.7 FM (Oklahoma)
WDYN 100.1 FM (New York)
RADIO METAL STORM 87.9 FM (Connecticut) *Off Air
WPNT THE PANTHER 95.7 FM (Georgia)

Internet Access
PURE ROCK RADIO www.purerockradio.net
LOCALIZED RADIO www.localizedmusic.net
METAL X www.metalxradio.com

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