Friday, January 7, 2011

Its All About Morre

© 2010 Photo Courtesy of Igor Vidyashev
IV Photography Studio

Melodic Revolution Records is excited to announce the signing of Morre for their upcoming release "Contrast". Morre has just wrapped up the recording end of "Contrast"and is now in the mixing phase. "Contrast"is slated for a spring release. In the coming weeks we will unveil a prom video and some behind the scenes footage.

Morre's debut release ...Out There (2010) is now available to purchase through Melodic Revolution Records. Morre Consisting of Adrian Tonceanu (Vocals/Guitars), Igor Lazebnik (Vocals/Guitars), Tyler Koch(Drums/Backup Vocals). Morre was born in early 2008 in Toronto by the common thirst of creating an original yet commercial sound. This band has a unique story behind its upbringing. Traveling from different parts of the world, each member endured hardships as artists, as well as the joys of meeting new characters throughout their journeys. These elements give the band endless topics and weight to their lyrical and musical content. Combining dark, mystical themes with camp-fire party vibe, this band will trigger a wide range of emotions in their listeners.

With a deeply rooted musical knowledge these rockers managed to craft an elaborate yet easily digestible sound of their own. Morre's style and sound can be described as combining two great songs of our time: "Paint it black"(Rolling Stones) and "Kashmir" (Led Zeppelin). In addition to the eastern vibe that these two mentioned songs provide, Morre invites the gypsy feel of Gogol Bordello and the depth of Pink Floyd to their flavor.

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