Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scarlet Ending "What If Never Was" Weekly Updates

Gregg Olson from Scarlet Hollow has started writing about the recording and writing process of their current album under construction "What If Never Was". Every Wednesday night he will update his blog on there new Official Website with new info, thoughts, studio tips ect... I'm going to post links to some songs in different stages of production so you members and fans can listen to the evolution of some of our work. At some point I will document and share some of this on video. Jeff, Allison, and I would also like to share with you how to play some of the guitar and bass parts on these tunes as well as some of our favorite songs from some of our favorite bands via video learning / performance sessions that Jeff and I will post. Please feel free to ask us anything !! Here is a taste of some of what's on tap. Rush- Hemispheres prelude, Entre Nous, Tom Sawyer, Natural Science, Limelight. Opeth- Black Water Park. Iron Maiden- The Trooper. Porcupine Tree- Blackest eyes, and Trains.

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