Friday, October 1, 2010

Six Years Ago Today

We have come a long way since our humble beginnings as a small independent CD store which opened in a small village in Clinton located upstate NY.

In just one year we expanded to include a live venue by night and art gallery by day while adding many new sections to our store like independent music from around the world and vinyl. Also in our second year we created an art and music festival now in its 5 year.

Our goal was simple and still stands today; Bring together musicians, artists, and every day people to keep the inspiration and imagination of the arts alive. The telling of a story through a song or art has an impact and long lasting effects in our daily lives. We try to promote these effects in hopes that people will continue to use music to learn, entertain, inspire, and open new doors in their lives. The next 2 years would prove to be even better as we formed an indie label with 2 Artist Echoes Landing and Laurie Larson. And in September 2007 we closed the doors On Melodic Revolution the store and relocated back to Orlando, Fl.

In 2009 we started a social network for Progressive Rock fans and its many sub-genres called Power of Prog. Power of Prog has proved to be a wonderful site with over 800 members and growing. Fast forward to 2010 Power of Prog turns 1 and Melodic Revolution Records turns 6. We have kept our online store up and our label has grown with the addition of artist like Rick Andrews, ifsounds, The Rescue, DDrive, Cary Clouser and Oracle and have so far released 11 albums and plan on 6 more before the year’s end, with releases due from Scarlet Hollow, Jim Crean, If sounds and Mogador.

We would like to thank all our friends and musicians for their support over the years.
Much love and respect to you all.

Releases to date:
Echoes Landing – Closer to you 2006
Laurie Larson – Aquila 2006
Laurie Larson – A Striking Resemblance 2008
Rick Andrews – Rick Andrews 2009
Rick Andrews – Christmas: Medleys, Music and Mayhem 2009
A Progressive Christmas – Various Artist 2009
Cary Clouser – Finger Paintings 2010
Songs For Hait Relief Through Music – Various Artist (Charity CD) 2010
DDrive – 3D 2010
The Rescue - Tragedies & Catastrophes 2010

Upcoming Release:
Musicians For Oil Relief – Various Artist (Charity CD) 2010
Ifsounds – Apeirophobia 2010
Jim Crean – Velvet Crush 2010
Scarlet Hollow – Mud 2010
Progressive Christmas II 2010
Mogador - All I Am Is Of My Own MaKing 2010

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