Friday, October 15, 2010

Revamped and gearing up for the holidays

Melodic Revolution Records Official website has been given a makeover, it's a bit modern and edgy. If you haven’t seen the new look check it out and let us know what you think. And we are proud to announce that we now have someone besides me to write album reviews. David Pearson who writes for the Classic Rock Society and Power of Prog. In fact there are 10 new album reviews including 2 of our releases “3D by DDrive” and “A Progressive Journey – Sampler”

Today at 3pm eastern standard time our very own Dario Lastella of ifsounds will be interviewed on Blog Talk Radio by Andrea Garrison the phone and chat lines will be open. This is a 3 hour show and will feature music from various releases including the new release Apeirophobia to be released on October 26th 2010. If you can’t make this very cool show with Dario and Andrea it will be available as a podcast after the show. We hope you have chance to call in or drop by and chat with us.

We have just released a special edition fan only release limited to 100 hand numbered CD called History Revisited by Phil Naro.

this CD is not for sale it is free to anyone that orders any 2 CDs from Phil’s Vast Catalog. Check Out Phil’ shop for more information. Other upcoming releases before the end of the year; Jim Crean – Velvet Crush Scarlet Hollow - Sanctuary EP and Mogador 'All I Am Is Of My Own MaKing' Musicians For Oil Relief should be available soon as the mastering is coming to a close.

We have unveiled the Artwork and Title for the new Charity Release to help raise money for those fortunate then us the homeless families. All proceeds to be donated to Habitat for Humanity. So far we can confirm the following musicians for this special release. Kelly Keeling (Trans-Siberian Orchestra –MSG –and dozens of others) Lisa LaRue (Y2X) Chuck Eaton, Terri Gary and Madi Simmions other names to be released as we have confirmed them.

DDRIVE are getting ready for the "Official" release show at Nola's Velvet Room In Rochester NY on October 23rd for the new "3D" CD!! some great reviews and feedback at this point. The first package of it's kind! All 3D artwork and includes the 3D glasses and a poster. The only thing that could this release better would be to release on Vinyl!! Maybe next pressing.. DDRIVE will also be dedicating the evening to a great person, singer and friend who has passed Alise G. aka Chica. With any luck we will have a bunch of videos of her performing and a screen to run them on all evening. She will not be forgotten. DDRIVE will also be giving away a package containing a new Fender guitar, the whole DD CD collection, T shirt, $50 gift certificate to Nolas and more!

Cheers Nick

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