Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Musicians for Oil Relief Coming Soon.

Musicians for Oil Relief is coming along nicely and we hope to have it available online sometime in August. The mp3 album will be available through all major digital distribution outlets like CDbaby, amazon, itunes and so on.

The CD will feature varied styles of music, confirmed artist and songs for the release are:

The Coustics – For A While
Sahara Rain – Black Gold
Phil Naro – I Know What It’s Like
Maggie Seligman – Of Our Time
Hyacintus – Sacred Sound
Steve Shannon - No Where... Now Here
Jim Crean – Collen
Oracle - Kings Of Future Past
David Kelly – Secrets
Drawzznikk – Maybe
Sonic Rebellion – No End In Sight
Allison VonBuelow – Broken
Carmella Inchierchiera - Homeless, Hungry, Crying In The Rain

Mastering of the CD will be the legendry Gwyn Mathias, who is best known for his work with some of the best in the music business like Libertines, Gerry Rafferty, Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, The Coustics, Sham 69, Zodiac Mindwarp, Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones), David Byron (Uriah Heep), Steve Hackett (Genesis) The Tremeloes, Paul Young, Chris Farlowe among others.

We realize that this is a catastrophic event of a magnitude never before seen. I know many would love to pass judgment and point the finger but we must move beyond that and remember that 11 people have died in this tragedy and this going to forever change many more lives as well as our eco system. That said the sole purpose for this release is to keep a level of awareness on high alert and to help raise money for the organizations involved in helping the animals and cleanup.
Some of the organizations we are considering are:
EarthEcho International
Save Our Gulf
Tri-State Bird Rescue
We will make an announcement on this soon.

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