Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Melodic Revolution Records Signs ifsounds

Italian crossover prog band “ifsounds” to release a 2 CD Compilation simply titled “if…sounds” in collaboration with Melodic Revolution Records.

“if…sounds” the release is the closing of one chapter the “if” era and the beginning of a new chapter as “ifsounds” and will be available as a free download on the bands official website. http://www.ifsounds.com Release date is scheduled for June 1st 2010 in related news “ifsounds” is currently in the studio recording Apeirophobia the follow up to “Morpho Nestira” to be released in the fall of 2010 on Melodic Revolution Records.

A history in brief:
Formed in 1993 under the name if the band recorded and released to demos and 2 albums. “The Cave” 2004 and “if” 2005. "The Stairway" was released in 2006 and the song I “Wish” reached #1 on “Classical” charts of http://iacmusic.com. It stayed on the top of the charts for about two months. The song “You” was nominated for the Golden Kayak Award in “Easy Listening” category. if were awarded by the web www.primonumero.it as the best band in their zone.

February 2007 6 songs from The Stairway reached Top 10 on “Progressive Rock” charts of http://iacmusic.com. Close your eyes reached #1. A cover of “I Wish” by Scottish singer Raymond Porter reaches #1 on General charts of iacmusic.com after just 2 days from its release. “Don’t Go” and “It’s Just Me” were nominated for the Golden Kayak Award in “Progressive Rock” category.

2008 “if’s” new album “Morpho Nestira” was released and by early 2009 “Morpho Nestira” was gaining much notoriety among prog fans worldwide and very good reviews in many of the best prog webzines around the world.

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