Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sensory Overload Part 1

In today’s music market with 100 of thousands of home recording studios and musicians from all walks of life taking there stab at fame. There are almost as many ways to get free music as there are arches of gold. It’s no wonder it’s getting even harder for people to check out your page or to sell your music. I have found that many musicians think there music will speak for it self it should but that’s not always the case. Some musicians think being signed will make them rich and famous, this is very rare these days. And many think because they have a profile on a social network that people will flock to their page and become friends.

So one might ask how can one combat this nasty little trend? I suppose everyone will have a different answer, so well focus on this one item at a time. The first one I want to focus on is your profile and social networks. As this is like the cover of a book this is how will attract potential fans and buyers of your music.

Make sure your page is organized and has h good feel in the look and layout as this is the first thing people will see.

A bio is very important, but make it brief and to the point. List band members and describe your music. Never and I repeat never say we sound like nothing you have ever heard before which most like is false to begin with, besides people want to kno what you sound like and its okay to compare. Let’s say you’re a Progressive Rock Band and Your Name is Starbright. You might write some thing like we sound like Starbright but have been compared to Pink Floyd Marillion and IQ. Now you have my interest as I am a fan of those bands. See what I mean.

Music Teasers:
When adding new and upcoming material you should post samples to entice potential fans to purchase your new music, if you want to post full tracks then add older tracks from previous albums but we still recommend samples. Its like going to the food court in the mall many places will hand out a small sample to get you to buy their food and most of the time this works.

This never a good thing. It’s like walking into your favorite FORD dealership and saying I would like to see the new Mustang, and they tell you go check it out at our shop downtown. Same thing with social networks. Don’t send them some place else to read your bio hear your music and so on, instead have links to all your other sites and let them make the choice.

The Return:
Give you fans a reason for them to return to your page tell them that you post a new blog once a week or that you add new music photos each week. Have contest, be creative.

Your Product:
Make sure you have links to where they can purchase your Music, DVDs T-Shirts and so on. List every place possible, the more places that are listed the more of a chance you have to sell it and if your product is listed at many location people might have the feeling that your music might be pretty good v.s. it only being available at one location then people might think your music must not be that good because its not available anywhere except the trunk of your car.

This is so very important it’s like playing chess you need an opponent you wouldn’t play chess by your self would you? Visit as many people on your social network as possible and as time permits and make new friends and potential fans. Tell them who you are and why they should visit your page and or add you as a friend. If someone leaves a comment on your page you should leave them one as well out of respect and you never know who might see you on their page and want to check you out. Don’t wait for people that have never heard of you come to you. It rarely happens.

So I have laid out 7 simple ways to become good at social networking and building a potential fan base try this out for 30 days and see if it works then let me know what you think.

Good Luck.

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