Saturday, February 6, 2010

Songs for Haiti - Ready to be Re-Mastered

Songs For Haiti is coming together nicely we have narrowed it down to about 30 tracks for a Double CD (digital download release) from as many as 100 submissions It has been tough to review all the submissions so many great pieces of music I have had them on my computer for the last 3 weeks as I have been doing pre-production and sequencing for this release.

We want to thank all of the musicians for submitting tracks for such a worthy cause. That said there is only so much room and we had to make a decision on which tracks to cut and which to keep.

After listening to all the tracks for 3 weeks it’s like they have become a part of me kinda like family. Now we are off to RBP Studio in Orlando to have all the tracks re-mastered by Don Rogozinski and try to have them ready in time to release On Valentines Day.

This is an amazing release and will feature many new tracks written specifically for this release. From Grammy Nominated Song Writer Katia Cadet to some of the best in independent musicians like progressive rock nominees IO Earth.

The initial release will be made available thru Mindawn and in the coming weeks after its initial release it will be available through CDbaby, itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and over 30 other fine digital retailers around the world.

The next step is to release a physical CD as we have had many enquires about this, don’t know if this will happen unless we find some people that would like to help sponsor such a release as we do not want to divert any of the proceeds to pay for the pressing.

More info as it develops.

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