Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Melodic Revolution Records Signs US Distribution Deal With PBII

PBHII is a new prog-rock band from the Netherlands who’s debut was released in Europe on January 23 2010 @ “de Boerderij”, Zoetermeer, Holland.

The sound of PBII is a mixture between Porcupine Tree, Frost* & Genesis.
The name of the album is “Plastic Soup” which describes musically, the biggest junkyard on earth; two huge islands of plastic waste floating on the pacific, twice as big as the United States. With this album PBII is trying to get the attention of politics, producers & public on how to handle the packing methods and recycle the plastic waste.

This album contains an audio CD and an audio DVD. The DVD will have the same songs as the CD but mixed down in Dolby™ 5.1 surround, plus a little bonus material.

Michel van Wassem - Keyboards & Lead vocals.
Ronald Brautigam - Guitars & Vocals.
Tom van der Meulen - Drums.
Harry den Hartog - Basses & Vocals.

Featuring Special Guests:
John Jowitt (IQ, Arena),
John Mitchell (Arena, It Bites)
Heidi Jo Heines. (Daughter of Denny Laine - The Moody Blues and Wings)

PBII myspace

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