Monday, February 22, 2010

I Pledge

We know that there are many audiophiles out there and fans of Vinyl that may want to own a Limited Edition copy of Songs for Haiti on Vinyl.

In order for this to become a release we need to raise the money first. This is not a cheep process as it will be a 4 LP set limited pressing of only 250 copies worldwide .

So for now we are only taking pledges to see if we can reach our goal of $6,000 If we can reach this goal then we will collect the money and have the LPs pressed packaged and shipped. We are not only looking for individuals to pledge money but also sponsors. Anyone that pledges to pay $34 dollars or more gets a copy as well as their name credited on the release as a sponsor. We are not asking for the money till all the pledges are in and accounted for.

We thank all those that have given so much for the people of Haiti

We have set up a page for pledges (HERE)

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