Friday, January 22, 2010

Vision Of Hope

Visionary and artist extraordinaire Ed Unitsky gets involved in the releases of Songs for Haiti, Ed’s vision of this release is one of hope. Ed is a well known artist around the world and in the Progressive Rock community and is highly sought after for his wonderful art. Some of his clients have included The Flower Kings, Laurie Larson Mandalaband III and Unitopia.

About Ed Unitisky
Born in 1962 Ed has been attracted towards various directions in art, and most of all pictorial and musical arts. He has been a music fan from the age of 10, so during the many years ahead Ed listened to many groups and styles of music. He admits that he’s a big admirer of rock-music! Music, which is pleasant to me, is my inspiration and most of all stimulates my creative activity.

Songs for Haiti will feature over 30 songs donated by musicians from around the globe and feature various genres of music like, Pop, Alternative Rock, Jazz ,R&B, Prog, World Music and many other styles. Songs for Haiti will feature many new songs written specifically for this release. More information soon!

To see more of Ed’s wonderful art please visit these links and be prepared to be wowed if you are unfamiliar with his work.

- The ART of Ed Unitsky -

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