Saturday, January 30, 2010

There Is Hope

We know that many of you are myspace junkies, So I have taken my personal myspace page and turned it into a page called “There is Hope” this page is all about the tragedy in Haiti and upcoming charity release “Songs for Haiti” form Melodic Revolution Records.

You all are aware of what happened in Haiti on January 12th 2010, it only lasted a few minutes I am talking about the 7. + earthquake and the more than 50 aftershocks since. The lasting effects, the rehabilitation and rebuilding after this tragedy will be one that will last for many generations that is why it is we felt the need to dedicate this page to this effort, we want nothing more then to help keep this cause alive.

The outpouring of charity over the paste several week from people all over the world and all walks of life have been amazing to say the least, but we need to keep that momentum going, The volunteers and the and the money thus far have given temporary comfort and aid which is much needed but there is a much bigger picture here. Haiti like much other country’s that have been devastated by a natural disaster will undergo many transitions before really recovering.

The aid received thus far has helped provide short term relief like food water and medical attention but that is not enough. Haiti needs to rebuild its infrastructure not only to survive but to become a nation that can once again contribute to the world. They will need housing schools roads and many medical facility’s like rehabilitation centers for the thousands that have lost limbs do to this tragedy.

Yes it will take years even generations to rebuild but this could be the rise of a new nation one that can compete with the global market and for once remove this country from the poverty that has consumed it for so long. That is why we decide to do this release and why so many musicians have donated to this great cause, we are hoping the money we raise from this release will help in the long run as our goal is to give to charities that will be there for the rebuilding of Haiti’s infrastructure. We tank all those that have given support thus far and hope that many of you will continue to help. Please visit There Is Hope add us as a friend and leave us comments on how this has affected you, your family and friends. Also let us know what you are doing to help, it is with these stories that will help give comfort to all affected.

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