Thursday, January 21, 2010

Independent musicians come together to help victims of Haiti

Songs for Haiti is coming along nicely many wonderful submissions from the independent music community. We have received dozens of tracks so far and I must say some of the tracks are very moving it really puts a different perspective on things. It looks like its going to be a Double CD featuring around 30 tracks and retailing for $13.98 with all profits going directly to Charity.

We are in the process in seeking the right organization for this project as there is much that needs to be done for the people of Haiti. From the basics like food water and medical, but there is a bigger picture to look at like the rebuilding of an infrastructure. Schools, Hospitals, Homes, Roads and so on. We want to make sure the charity we choose is a good one, where at least 98% of the proceeds goes to the cause. Don't get me wrong there are many organizations out there that are good but some may keep as much as 50% or more for administrative fees, so we just want to make sure we have chosen the right one. We will have an organization before the release. We will make an announcement here.

The music community has always pulled together in times of need from Bangladesh to Farm Aid So we are hoping this release will help in the same manner even if on a smaller level. Who is on this release? Well we don’t want to spoil the party so we will reveal the entire cast at the same time once the CD is ready to be mastered.

More info soon, stay tuned.

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