Monday, January 25, 2010


We are celebrating our first anniversary, Wow I cannot believe it’s been a year since we first launched Music Is Our Voice aka MIOV. MIOV was launched by Melodic Revolution Records to promote all genres of music. We tried to bring the best of myspace and facebook together in a new social network. Many of us have become discouraged by the more mainstream social networks. Adding ridicules apps and selling out to the mainstream music market and bombarding us with 1,000s of ads.

Our members can enjoy a site that is truly dedicated to independent music. Musicians can upload up to 100 songs on their music player and like other popular music network we have free streaming music, blogs, videos, groups, events and so on.

Melodic Revolution Records also host an Artist of the Month contest at MIOV where the artist are voted on by there friends and fans. I am a bit amazed that the site has not grown as big as our other sites like Power of Prog. That said I truly believe it’s about quality not quantity. If you have not yet visited music is our voice then do so today.

Official Webesite MIOV

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