Friday, March 20, 2009

Melodic Revolution Hardhat Area

One can never sit still one must keep moving or will be left in the dust. So it is with this that we have been hard at work on some new websites. First our Official Home page has long been over due for an overhaul. That said we have been doing just that and I must say the new site is a big improvement.

We have not yet officially launched the overhauled site but we welcome you to check it out. It’s very different we have so many new features, here are some examples. You can get all you info right off the home page like news – new arrivals - featured video our online shop and more. Oh and another cool thing is you can become a friend and set up your own webpage for free this will help keep you in the loop with what’s going on and mingle with the many bands we work with once they have started uploading there information.

Like I said this is not yet an official launch of the revamped site and we are still hard at work to make it even better but we hope you will at least check it out.

Site number two has been up since the end of January. This site is different in the sense that we launched it as a new social network site called music is our voice or miov for short. Its allot like myspace but what makes this site a bit different is its for independent musicians artists, poets and fans of music and the arts as well as independent music industry professionals like indie labels recording studios and so on.

We offer free promotion through the site to bands and independent industry professionals. There are no pop-up ads or a bunch of useless things that can annoy.
You can use on of the many easy templates on the site or set it up like a professional website by using your own CSS template. It cost nothing to join but its just one more place a band can promote their music for free and fans can find new bands to enjoy.

So now we leave it up to you to check out our new sites please leave us a comment and let us know what you think about either site or both. Oh and if you have any suggestions please feel free to share it with us.
Peace, Love and Long Live the Revolution

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