Saturday, January 17, 2009

It’s become a global disaster.

It's that time of the year when we found out how musicians and the music industries have faired compared to years gone by. While it is true, legitimate downloads and internet CD sales are up over the previous year. It does not even compare to the magnitude of monetary loss or of the abuse by the so called music lover. 95% of downloads last year were unauthorized/illegal read more here.

We are destroying the most important language of all time. There was a time when music had value, when a musician could make a living writing recording and releasing music. Yesterday’s musicians are fast becoming today’s t-shirt salesman. While the internet provides us with a vast array of places to find music it is also what is destroying one of the most beautiful languages of all time. Music is meant to entertain us, inspire us and to enrich our lives but most importantly bring us closer together as a global community.

Remember the first song that you ever heard and how it changed your life. Music has real power and value. It is because of music that the walls came down, and the economic relief it has given through many events like “Farm Aid”
and “Live Aid”
to name but a few.

Every time you hear a song on a legitimate website your local broadcasting station and even in your favorite hang out from the mall to your local bar royalties are paid for these services. This is how the musicians and their labels try to make a living. I don’t think anyone in this business has a problem with free downloads when a label or a band gives it to you for free. Only you the music fan can help save the future of this great language.

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