Friday, August 15, 2008

...on our way

Well it's almost that time, can you believe it the 3rd Annual Clinton Art and Music Festival is only 8 days away. The proof is in the driver's seat and thats where we will be in about 15 hours. That's right we will leave our little cabana in the sun and head back home. Two days on the road and 1,800 miles just so we can bring you the best free independent art and music festival in the Upstate New York Area.

It will be nice to be back home and see all our friends, even the cats are looking forward to the ride. Hell these cats have logged more miles than the average fur ball. We are also looking forward to meeting all our new friends. So make sure to come out to this festival and enjoy some great art food and music. And if you see us in the village please say hi.

I will not have computer access till next week sometime. Till then have a great week and we will see you next weekend I'm sure…
peace love and revolution
nick and jennifer
oh yea Udo and Shadow too.

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