Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Judas Priest - Nostradamus, to prog or not to prog

Like it or not. Judas Priest has given the world a truly symphonic and progressive masterpiece for 2008. Judas Priest has shown the world that there is more out there than just metal. Don’t get me wrong I love good melodic metal.

Everyone has there own idea of what it means to be progressive. Well this is just my opinion of progressive. I have read many things that suggest that JP will lose many fans, this may be somewhat true but I see this in the US more so than the rest of the world, because in this country it’s only cool to listen to music that your friends like or the horrible airwave churn out.

I give these guys many kudos’ for progressing in a new and unfamiliar territory for them. They deserve more respect than they are getting, that said I think they will have many new fans with their latest effort. Long live prog!

Click on the player below and you be the judge...

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Melodic Revolution said...

We welcome and thank you for all your comments. Please keep them coming. Just wanted to say that you have many great points of view. I just want you to know one thing. The Progressive Rock Hall of Fame is run by the fans of music not some industry official that only wants to sell more CDs. If you disagree with the outcome then you can help change that by becoming a voting member.