Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Progressive Rock Hall of Fame Project

The Progressive Rock Hall of Fame Project is not just another new site. Its purpose is to legitimately set in motion a real and viable way to honor those involved in music's highest artform - yet it has been sadly overlooked by most all of the other music organizations. Progressive Rock is music advanced to its highest level, lyrically, melodically and rhythmically. With this in mind we hope to unify this great form of music by providing not just a site but a home for all involved in this field from musicians, labels, radio stations, Progressive press outlets and fans of this genre.
The conception of The Progressive Rock Hall of Fame began when Laurie Larson (Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist) became a NARAS voting member and learned that the only Progressive Artist on the list to nominate for a Grammy did not win. Laurie was online with another voting member Jim Roberts and launched the site immediately. Check it out at: www.progressiverockhalloffame.com As the idea flourished I was offered the opportunity to join in this incredible project. Laurie has been a DJ, Music Director, Program Director and Operations Manager for several radio stations in the Southwest for over 20 years, always fighting to get more Progressive Rock on the air. Laurie was part of Steve Casey's research team (the founder of MTV) and Critical Mass Media that did research for over 800 Rock and AOR radio stations. She has been a rock journalist, and co-editor of Crossroads Magazine, the first magazine that tracked the airplay of Indie artists.
My wife and I started Melodic Revolution Records. A new independent progressive label to promote upcoming talent, and good music. I have been in the music business for 30 + Years from Music Retail Management to Store and Venue owner as well as Marketing and Promotion of Bands. In 2005 I created The Clinton Art and Music Festival (New York) this music festival is in its 3rd year and is dedicated to promoting Independent Music from around the world. Both Laurie and I are passionate about Progressive Rock and believe the time has come for this genre to be recognized as one of greatest forms of music in music history along with all those who have shaped and have and made this genre of music what it has become today.

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John Eje Thelin said...

If the purpose of the site is to showcase Progressive Rock, why is at least half of the winning music on the site not even close to Prog? Progressive Rock Indie Song of the Year is a very regular Rock song with a 90s Grunge feel, the entire concept of Progressive Country is laughable and the Plant/Krauss album is neither upper-case Prog or lower-case progressive, being an entirely traditionalist and retrograde affair (and Plant's weakest work since his second solo outing). And, seriously, Loreena McKennitt? (you may want to check that spelling, BTW).

The inductees all make sense (even if Kansas was half AOR), but you really should rethink your overly inclusive definition of Progressive Rock - it's not Rock that's "a little different", in fact if you look at most of teh vanguard bands of the genre - like 4 out of 5 of the inductees, there's hardly any Rock in it at all. It uses forms, harmony and cadence that is notably different from regular Rock, quite above and beyond the more obvious aspects of structure, meter and instrumentation.

Undermining the genre itself by including anything and everything isn't doing anybody any favors. Progressive Rock isn't just pimped-out AOR or Rock n Roll (or Country or Bluegrass), it's a pretty specific genre that has its own markers. But even if the span is wide from The Mars Volta to The Flower Kings, from Camel to Ruins or Gentle Giant to Marillion that doesn't mean you can rope in anything you happen to like and call it Prog. That's just absurd and it's part of the watering-down process where just putting a 7/8 section in a Celine Dion song would have it qualify. Hell, you don't even seem to ask for that much. You may well be working from the US radio genre of Progressive Rock and that, my friends, is something else entirely - at least on the truly international WORLD WIDE web.