Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Letters from friends

Nick and Jen,
I justed wanted to say thank you for supporting Heathen Machines. In my experience, I never have met two people in the "business" that have supported my efforts such as you. The Revolution was a blessing for this area and you will be sorely missed.
Rich Fortuna

Hey guys, we're really sorry to hear that you guys are closing. I think we speak for a lot of bands around the area in saying we appreciate all the hard work you guys do trying to make a place for original music. It's sad to see you go, but it's good to know we'll have some friendly faces in orlando next time we're on the road. Take care and good luck and let us know when you're up and running in Florida.

I'm very sad to hear you're leaving, but I understand the reasoning, alot of people are going to be upset and Melodic was a great place to feature great bands and local artists...and that hard to find around here..
Brad Tilbe

Hey, guys:
Glad we got to see Clinton one more time while you were there. Clinton, NY is synonymous with Melodic Revolution; not just for us, but for bands all over the country. Thanks for everything, and let us know when we can come to Orlando!
Matt - Endless Mike and the Beagal Club

What a jump! I am very excited for the next phase of the Revolution, all at the same time saddened by the gigantic loss Central New York will feel.
Eric Perry

We're sorry to hear that, but we understand completely. You guys were always so rad to us and we'll definitely hit up the new place when we make it down to Florida.
Julian - Another Found Self

Just wanted to say how saddened I was with your news about your decision to leave Clinton. You came into the Chamber trying to better and make changes and you were unbelievably successful!!!! That is not easy in Clinton either!!! You had fresh ideas and led the way. You gave the kids somewhere and someone to believe in and now it is so sad. I am going to think that you are still here. I think it is great that your wife has a good opportunity. We just hate to have great people leave the area..
Mary Combs

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Melodic Fan 4 life said...

Nick and Jen i would like to say thank you for puting on alot of great shows here in Clinton.There are alot of people you guys have touched here in clinton with your kindness.We all miss you guys .Thanks for all the great times.I'm sorry i suck at this kind of stuff